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Create Customized Install Packages

These instructions will take you through the process of creating a install package on the Adobe Admin Console portal.

  1. Go to the Adobe Admin Console.
  2. Sign in using the work email address that was provided to OSL. This is your Adobe ID to sign into the Admin Console. Do not use (this is the Enterprise ID that is used when you sign in as an end-user.)
  3. Click on Deployapps.
  4. Click on Adobe Templates.
  5. Click on All Templates to choose Single Apps or Collections (suites).
  6. Click on Build for the App you want.
  7. If you want to change the settings, click on Edit these settings, otherwise, click on Build & Download and go to the next step.

      1. If you want to change the settings, for each option you want to modify, click on Change to toggle the setting and when you are done, click on Create Package.
      2. Verify each setting is correct and click on Continue
      3. For each app you want to add, select the name and click on the + icon to add it to the package. Click on Continue.
      4. Enter a package name in the box and click on Build Package.
      5. Wait for the build to finish.
      6. Save the app to your computer.
  8. Your app will be available to download for 3 days after which it will not be available for download. Please delete your file after it expires.
  9. The cusotmized apps for all IT administrators will show on the list. Do not delete apps created by other IT administrators.
  10. Utilize third party deployment tools to push apps to managed computers.
Last Updated: 8/16/17