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Serial Number Licenses

Serial number licensing is a historical method of licensing that is not tied to an individual user but to a particular computer. This licensing method is suitable for a very small number of customers and, as with named licensing, can be used to create pre-licensed packages that are deployed remotely. However, when using serial number licensing, customers do not receive the complete value from their Adobe Cloud subscription.

If you are interested in utilizing this method of deployment, see Adobe Serial number licensing for more details.

The Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) portal gives access to the stand alone apps such as Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Customization Wizard, FrameMaker, and Creative Cloud Packager. The LWS also includes serial numbers for the stand alone apps. However, you should rely on retrieving the serial numbers from the Adobe folder on because if new serial numbers are issued for any of the products, the LWS portal may not show the new serial number.

Adobe Licensing Website (LWS)

Adobe folder on

  • Managed and maintained by OSL administrators.
  • Current Serial Numbers
  • Current Creative Cloud Packagers & serial license files.
  • Instructions for Adobe Admin Console & Adobe Licensing Website


Last Updated: 4/15/19