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Kivuto is the company that manages the sales and distribution of Adobe & Microsoft products for personally owned computers from their site, This site is customized specifically for eligible students and employees of The University of Utah.  For eligibility and license details, click here.

How do I access my product Key & installation Files?

To retrieve your serial number and/or installation files you need to sign in to the Kivuto site and view Your Account/Orders.

 Kivuto Sign In

Log in using your University of Utah CIS uNID & password.

sign in with CIS credentials

At the top of the window, click on Your Account/Orders.

your account/orders

Under the section Order History scroll down until you find the product you need and click on View Details or click on the specific item.

past orders

On the Order Summary there are several options:

  • Email order receipt to yourself
  • View Basic Access Guarantee information
    • Expiration Date
    • Purchase Extended Access Guarantee
  • Product key *
  • Download link *

*Some items may require you to purchase the Extended Access Guarantee.

 order summary & items

If you need to extend your access guarantee, click on Extend next to the Basic Access Expiration date (above product key.)

  • Select the option you want to purchase
  • Click on Check Out
  • Verify your information is correct and choose the method of payment and click on Next
  • Enter in your credit card information and click on Next
  • Confirm the transaction.
  • You will then be given access to the product key(s) and download file(s). If you purchased the Backup Disc(s), Kivuto will ship them to the address you provided on your order.

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What is the Access Guarantee?

The Access Guarantee option offers you protection for your download(s) and/or key(s), allowing you to access them any time from 1 to 24 months from the day you place your order.

The Access Guarantee option allows you to have access only to the download link and key, however, it does not mean you will be able to download and install the software an unlimited number of times using the same key.

The Access Guarantee option does not extend the duration of your license. If you purchased a six or twelve month rental or subscription (Adobe Creative Cloud), your license will still expire in the expected time frame. Access Guarantee provides access to the download and the product key and does not extend the length of time that you can use your rental/subscription.

  • What is Basic Access?

With most orders, you will receive the Basic Access Guarantee which provides access to your download(s) and/or key(s) for 31 days from the day you place your order, at no extra cost. To ensure that your download(s) and/or key(s) are protected for 24 months, you can purchase the Extended Access Guarantee for a small fee. If you do not want to take advantage of Kivuto’s optional back-up service, you will need to provide your own back-up of your downloaded software on a DVD or external drive. Ensure that you write down your product key.

  • What is Extended Access?

The Extended Access Guarantee will ensure that you have secure access to your download(s) and/or key(s) whether your system crashes, you get a new computer or you need to download your software again. This is an optional service provided by Kivuto Inc. Extended Access Guarantee ensures you do not have to purchase a new copy of the product or pay additional fees to retrieve your download(s) and/or key(s). With just a small fee, you can secure your access to your download(s) and/or key(s) for 24 months.

If you choose not to purchase the Extended Access Guarantee, after 31 days from the day you ordered the product you will no longer have access to your download(s) and/or key(s). If you need to download again, you will be required to pay a retrieval fee to access it again for another 60 days.

For more information, please go to the Help section of the Kivuto WebStore.

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How do I purchase a Backup Disc?

 Kivuto offers you the option to purchase genuine DVD(s) of your software for backup purposes to accompany your download and/or key. Note: Backup discs do not include product keys. To install/activate software from a backup disc, you will need the product key or activation code issued with your order.

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How do I obtain Customer & Technical Support?

If you have questions about your order or are having difficulty installing the download files, please contact Kivuto or read their FAQ.

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