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Adobe Creative Cloud Agreement - RENEWED!

For more information, including a how to obtain the software (see question #3), and complete listing of the available Apps, Services, and Features, please go to our Adobe Creative Cloud Frequently Asked Questions.

The University of Utah has renewed our Adobe Creative Cloud Agreement. The agreement licensing term starts May 24, 2017 and ends May 23, 2020. This is a 3-year term agreement. There are some very exciting and important changes as a result of this agreement renewal.

Eligible Students, Faculty and Staff will have access to a vast array of Adobe Apps, Services and Features thanks to this recently signed agreement, including Portfolio, Behance, Lightroom Mobile and 20GB of Cloud Storage just to mention a few.

Some of the important changes that will take effect by May 24th are:

  • Single sign-on utilizing your uNID email address and Password.
  • Students no longer need to purchase the annual redemption code from the Kivuto web store (
  • Students no longer need to renew each year. The software will continue to operate for the entire 3-year licensing term, provided you are an eligible student.
  • Faculty and Staff no longer need to purchase the software from the OSL web store.
  • Faculty and Staff no longer need to purchase the home use license from the Kivuto web store 
  • Faculty and Staff are now able to use the software at home on their personally owned or leased computers utilizing the Single Sign-on option.   

The Adobe Creative Cloud campus-wide agreement, coupled with our existing campus-wide Microsoft agreement, provides everyone at the University of Utah with access to many of the most in-demand applications in the world. These agreements are supported through a mix of campus software licensing and student computing fees.

The Adobe Creative Cloud Agreement also includes usage in computer labs, classrooms, libraries, and virtualization, bring your own device, and Citrix environments. Older software versions are available for devices that lack the power or specifications to run the latest version.

Last Updated: 4/15/19