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MathWorks MATLAB Total Academic Headcount

For more information, including how to obtain the software (see question 13), details regarding use of this software, and license agreement, please go to our MATLAB Frequently Asked Questions web page. 

New Product Alert – Now available on the Office of Software Licensing web store

The University of Utah has obtained a MathWorks, Inc. MATLAB (TAH) Total Academic Headcount campus-wide software license.

Effective September 1, 2016, the University of Utah will provide students, staff and faculty with access to MATLAB, Simulink and 49 companion products through this license agreement. The products selected are the products that are most widely used at the University of Utah.

The Office of Software Licensing is pleased to be able to offer two annual subscription license products:

  • The MATLAB TAH Academic Annual License is available to students, faculty and staff. This license is for academic (which includes both research and teaching) use purposes.
    • Students can purchase this license and then install and use the software on their personally owned or leased computers.
    • Faculty and staff can purchase this license and install and use the software on university owned or leased computers and/or personally owned or leased computers, on and off campus.
  • The MATLAB TAH Classroom Annual License is only available to faculty and staff for academic purposes and usage is specifically restricted to classroom use. Research use is not permitted with the MATLAB TAH Classroom Annual License.

Non-academic or commercial use of these MathWorks products is not covered by our TAH license, so if you are using a non-academic or a commercial license, please continue to do so.

Pricing for each license, which includes MATLAB, Simulink, and the 49 companion products will be:

  • MATLAB TAH Academic Annual License:
    • Student – Individual use license will be $30.00 per license
    • Academic – Individual, Group & Concurrent Use licenses will be $135.00 per license/seat.
  • MATLAB TAH Classroom Annual License
    • Classroom – Concurrent Use license will be $30.00 per seat

We sincerely hope that you take full advantage of these products to enhance your academic learning, teaching, and research needs.

Last Updated: 9/6/19