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Faculty & Staff

  • You must be a full or part-time employee of the University of Utah and paid by the University of Utah.
  • You can install the software on a personally owned or leased device for work related purposes.
  • Adjunct faculty, affiliates, contractors, emeriti, retirees and volunteers are not eligible.

  • Office 365
  • Office for Mac
  • Office for Windows
  • Online Learning
  • Windows Upgrade

These products are available free of charge or a minimal cost to you because the University of Utah has pre-negotiated and pre-paid for a campus wide agreement.

  • Office 365 - no cost
  • Office for Mac - $14.99*
  • Office for Windows - $14.99*
  • Online Learning - no cost
  • Windows Upgrade - $14.99*

*price effective 4/23/2019.

See IT Knowledge Base for Office 365 information:

Product keys are not required. 

Access product using Single Sign On with CIS credentials.

These products are purchased from which are managed and maintained by Kivuto Solutions on an external website.

Product keys are provided on your purchase receipt.

Kivuto Solutions offers several access options for your download file(s) and/or key(s), allowing you to access them any time from 1 to 24 months from the day you place your order. However, it does not mean you will be able to download and install the software an unlimited number of times using the same key.

We recommend you save your order information, product key, and install files to external media in case you need them in the future.

  • Basic Access Guarantee: When you purchase a product, your order includes a Basic Access Guarantee which gives you access to the products you purchased for 31 days from the date of purchase.
  • Extended Access Guarantee: When you purchase a product, you have the option to add the Extended Access Guarantee to your order. This option ensures that you have secure access to your download(s) and/or key(s) whether your system crashes, you get a new computer or you need to download your software again. For a small fee, you can secure your access to your download(s) and/or key(s) for up to 24 months. If you don't order this option when you purchase the product, you can purchase it later.
  • Backup Discs: For a small fee you can receive genuine backup discs of your software. Backup discs do not come with product keys. To install/activate software from a backup disc, you will need the product key or activation code issued with your order. If you don't order this option when you purchase the product, you can purchase it later. Shipping time is approximately 3-4 weeks.
  • Online Learning

Support resources are available from:

  • By Phone: 801-581-4000, option 1

  • Please include your uNID and contact information, including a phone number.

  • Kivuto Solutions:
      • If you have questions about your order or are having difficulty installing the download files, please contact Kivuto Solutions or read their Frequently Asked Questions.
      • Telephone: USA/Canada: 866-435-4722 or 888-396-1447. Hours of operation: Monday to Friday between 6 am and 6 pm (Eastern Time).
      • Web Store Help
      • Email Support

The work at home licenses you purchase from are perpetual. You will only need to purchase new licenses when you want to use new versions of the products.

The Office 365 license is tied to the University. You can start a new subscription directly with Microsoft if you want to continue to use the software after leaving the University.

Additional Resources

Last Updated: 6/7/19