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Microsoft Online Learning

The University of Utah has a Microsoft Campus Agreement for Microsoft software products. This agreement also includes free online learning courses.

Students, staff and faculty who are eligible to purchase Microsoft software under the Microsoft Campus Agreement are eligible to sign into the Microsoft Online Learning website to access the courses. These courses include server and desktop operating systems and other related Microsoft applications and technologies which can help you update and improve your skills and learn new ones.

The Microsoft Online Learning courses are available free of charge to you because the University of Utah has pre-negotiated and pre-paid for a campus wide agreement.

Course Registration

Follow these step to gain access to Microsoft Online Learning courses:

      1. Activate Microsoft Online Learning (one time only)
      2. Add courses to your account
        1. Enter a product in the search bar and press the enter key or click the Catalog link at the top and select the product.
        2. Browse the list of courses and select Add to add the course to your account.

      3. To access your courses at any subsequent time, sign in to the Microsoft Online Learning website.

Courses Available

Once enrolled, users see the entire online course catalog, which currently offers 1,200 beginner-to-expert courses. As a sampling, courses are available for Microsoft Office Suite (Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote), Visio, SharePoint Server and SQL Server, among many others. Courses are available in English as well as multiple other languages. This courses list is subject to change.

Last Updated: 2/1/17