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Download The Creative Cloud App

To get started, download the Creative Cloud desktop application. This is where applications are launched and updated, and where you can manage and share any assets you've created and stored to the Cloud.

  1. Visit
  2. Click Sign In in the upper right corner.
  3. Enter your in the email address field and click Continue.
  4. You may see a screen asking you to Select an Account. Select the Company or School account.
  5. You will be re-directed to the University of Utah authentication page. Enter your uNID and password.
  6. Under Creative Cloud, click the Open button.
  7. On the Creative Cloud home page, click Install Creative Cloud App link, under the Quick Links section.
  8. Once the download has finished, it should open automatically. If it doesn't, locate the file and launch it.

Select and Install Application

Now that you've downloaded the Creative Cloud desktop application, you can download as many or as few Adobe CC applications to your computer as you would like.

  1. Log in with your uNID and password, if prompted.
  2. From the Apps tab, choose the application(s) you would like to install on your computer and click its Install button.
  3. Log in, if prompted.

See the Eligibility Section for more details.

Use some of the world's most
in-demand professional applications

Photo editor

Vector graphics editor
Design and layout for publishing
Premiere Pro
Film and video editor
After Effects
Visual effects and motion graphics
Adobe XD
User experience design
PDF documents and forms
Audio editor
Web design and development

Eligibility For Use

Students enrolled part-time or full-time in a degree-granting program or an academic course of study conducted by the university are permitted to download, install, activate, and use this software. This includes students enrolled at the University of Utah Asia Campus.

You may install and use as many or as few applications as you like, as long as as you meet the eligibility requirements. If you receive an error message indicating your trial has expired, please contact the Help Desk at 801-581-4000, ext. 1.

This software can be deployed only in the United States, Canada, Mexico, or South Korea. International Study Abroad students are not eligible to participate in this program.

If you already have the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app installed on your computer, please see the Transition to Enterprise ID Instructions.

All current employees or independent contractors whose primary job duties consist of providing educational instructions to students or current employees that provide administrative support to the education operations of faculty.

Retired faculty and staff members are not eligible.

Department IT administrators are key to the deployment of the Adobe Campus Agreement apps to department owned computers. Through the use of Adobe portals, IT administrators create, download, and deploy those apps to their department computers. The deployment method is determined by the network environment.

Deployment Methods

There are two methods of deployment:

  1. Named licenses managed through the Admin Console.
    • Department managed computers (department IT manages computers)
    • Non-managed computers (end-users manage the computer and have rights to install software)
  2. Serial number licenses managed using the Adobe Licensing Web Site and the Creative Cloud Packager.
    • Classrooms
    • Computer labs

Overview of Deployment Processes

Access to Adobe Portals

The primary department IT administrator needs to request access to the Adobe portals. Please send the following information to OSL at

  • Department
  • Primary IT Contact
  • IT Contacts (Name, uNID, and work email address for each IT administrator who needs access)

OSL staff will register each IT administrator for access to the following portals:

  • Adobe Admin Console
  • Adobe Licensing Web Site (LWS)
  • Adobe folder on

Overview of Portal Activation for IT administrators.

Adobe Portals

Admin Console (Named Licenses)

Adobe Licensing Website (LWS) (Serial Number Licenses)

Adobe folder on (Agreement information)

  • Managed and maintained by OSL administrators
  • Serial numbers
  • Creative Cloud Packagers & serial license files
  • Instructions for Adobe Admin Console & Adobe Licensing Website 

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Last Updated: 11/12/20