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Please review the below Eligibility Chart and Frequently Asked Questions. This information is subject to change for clarification and improvement purposes. If you have additional software related questions, please email your questions to

For an explanation of terminology used throughout the OSL website, please visit our Glossary of Terms.

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  1. Eligibility Chart
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. Additional Resources

1. Eligibility Chart

Product License Type
Student Personal Faculty/Staff University
MATLAB TAH Academic yes1 no2
MATLAB TAH Classroom no4 no2 yes5
MATLAB TAH Parallel Server no4 no2 yes3
MATLAB TAH Production Server no4 no2 yes3
MATLAB TAH Web App Server no4 no2 yes3



Students are eligible to install and use this software on student owned or leased computers provided they use the software for student personal usage.

Students whose primary campus is the University of Utah Asia Campus are not eligible to purchase, install or use this software except when enrolled in and attending classes in North America.


Faculty and Staff are NOT eligible to install or use this product for personal use. They may use this software for Academic Use work related purposes. See Note 3.

Faculty and Staff whose primary employment location is the University of Utah Asia Campus are not eligible to purchase, install or use this software except during employment and working in North America.


Faculty and Staff are eligible to install and use this software on computers owned or leased by the University of Utah and/or personally owned or leased computers provided they only use the software for Academic Use work purposes.

Faculty and Staff whose primary employment location is the University of Utah Asia Campus are not eligible to purchase, install or use this software except during employment and working in North America.


Students are NOT eligible to install or use this product on student owned or leased computers.

Students whose primary campus is the University of Utah Asia Campus are not eligible to purchase, install or use this software except when enrolled in and attending classes in North America.


Faculty and Staff are eligible to install and use this software on computers owned or leased by the University of Utah provided they only use the software for Academic Use purposes and are further restricted to use in connection with on-campus computing facilities that are used solely in support of classroom instruction of students.

Research use is NOT permitted. Licensed Users of the Classroom License may also include visiting instructors and contractors solely for the purpose of classroom instruction or preparation for classroom instruction. The MATLAB TAH Classroom license may NOT be installed on personally owned or leased computers.

Faculty and Staff whose primary employment location is the University of Utah Asia Campus are not eligible to purchase, install or use this software except during employment and working in North America.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

A. Product Information

Yes. The university purchased the MATLAB Total Academic Headcount (TAH) campus-wide site license. This is not a perpetual license, this is an annual subscription term license which must be activated annually to continue using the software covered under this license.

The terms and conditions can be found here.

  • Available to all faculty, researchers, and students everywhere: at home and classroom, in lab and field research, and while traveling for academic and educational use.
  • Covers all on-campus computing facilities, labs, classrooms, and research centers, as well as all faculty-owned and student-owned personal computers.
  • MATLAB Online provides access from a web browser.
  • Standard suite includes MATLAB, Simulink, and many additional MathWorks products.
  • One license eases license management and ensures software license compliance through central administration. Easily integrates into bring your own device (BYOD) programs.

  • Download licensed products and updates
  • Access free tutorials at MATLAB Academy
  • Manage license using the License Center
  • View current and archived documentation
  • Obtain access to MATLAB prerelease and beta versions
  • Obtain technical support for faculty and researchers
  • Download free hardware support packages for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Lego, and more
  • Use MATLAB Mobile on iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • Use MATLAB Drive to synchronize MATLAB files between computers, MATLAB Mobile, and MATLAB Online

  2. Simulink
  3. 5G Toolbox
  4. Aerospace Blockset
  5. Aerospace Toolbox
  6. Antenna Toolbox
  7. Audio Toolbox
  8. Automated Driving Toolbox
  9. AUTOSAR Blockset
  10. Bioinformatics Toolbox
  11. Bluetooth Toolbox
  12. Communications Toolbox
  13. Computer Vision Toolbox
  14. Control System Toolbox
  15. Curve Fitting Toolbox
  16. Data Acquisition Toolbox
  17. Database Toolbox
  18. Datafeed Toolbox
  19. Deep Learning Toolbox
  20. Deep Learning HDL Toolbox
  21. DSP HDL Toolbox
  22. DSP System Toolbox
  23. Econometrics Toolbox
  24. Embedded Coder
  25. Filter Design HDL Coder
  26. Financial Instruments Toolbox
  27. Financial Toolbox
  28. Fixed-Point Designer
  29. Fuzzy Logic Toolbox
  30. Global Optimization Toolbox
  31. GPU Coder
  32. HDL Coder
  33. HDL Verifier
  34. Image Acquisition Toolbox
  35. Image Processing Toolbox
  36. Industrial Communication Toolbox
  37. Instrument Control Toolbox
  38. Lidar Toolbox
  39. LTE Toolbox
  40. Mapping Toolbox
  41. MATLAB Coder
  42. MATLAB Compiler
  43. MATLAB Compiler SDK
  44. MATLAB Grader
  45. MATLAB Parallel Server
  46. MATLAB Production Server
  47. MATLAB Report Generator
  48. MATLAB Web App Server
  49. Mixed-Signal Blockset
  50. Model Predictive Control Toolbox
  51. Model-Based Calibration Toolbox
  52. Motor Control Blockset
  53. Navigation Toolbox
  54. Online Training Suite
  55. OPC Toolbox
  56. Optimization Toolbox
  57. Parallel Computing Toolbox
  58. Partial Differential Equation Toolbox
  59. Phased Array System Toolbox
  60. Polyspace Bug Finder
  1. Polyspace Code Prover
  2. Powertrain Blockset
  3. Predictive Maintenance Toolbox
  4. Reinforcement Learning Toolbox
  5. RF Blockset
  6. RF PCB Toolbox
  7. RF Toolbox
  8. Risk Management Toolbox
  9. RoadRunner
  10. RoadRunner Asset Library
  11. RoadRunner Scenario
  12. Robotics System Toolbox
  13. Robust Control Toolbox
  14. ROS Toolbox
  15. Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox
  16. SerDes Toolbox
  17. Signal Integrity Toolbox
  18. Signal Processing Toolbox
  19. SimBiology
  20. SimEvents
  21. Simscape
  22. Simscape Driveline
  23. Simscape Electrical
  24. Simscape Fluids
  25. Simscape Multibody
  26. Simulink 3D Animation
  27. Simulink Check
  28. Simulink Code Inspector
  29. Simulink Coder
  30. Simulink Compiler
  31. Simulink Control Design
  32. Simulink Coverage
  33. Simulink Design Optimization
  34. Simulink Design Verifier
  35. Simulink Desktop Real-Time
  36. Simulink PLC Coder
  37. Simulink Real-Time
  38. Simulink Report Generator
  39. Simulink Requirements
  40. Simulink Test
  41. SoC Blockset
  42. Spreadsheet Link (for Microsoft Excel)
  43. Stateflow
  44. Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox
  45. Symbolic Math Toolbox
  46. System Composer
  47. System Identification Toolbox
  48. Text Analytics Toolbox
  49. Trading Toolbox
  50. UAV Toolbox
  51. Vehicle Dynamics Blockset
  52. Vehicle Network Toolbox
  53. Vision HDL Toolbox
  54. Wavelet Toolbox
  55. Wireless HDL Toolbox
  56. Wireless Testbench
  57. WLAN Toolbox

Products new to Campus-Wide License after 09/30/2021 are in BOLD.

Toolboxes are subject to change.

The following products are NOT included in our MATLAB TAH site license agreement because they are for Commercial Use purposes only. If you have a requirement for any of these products please send your request to

  1. DO Qualification Kit (for DO-178)
  2. IEC Certification Kit (for ISO 26262 and IEC 61508)
  3. Polyspace Bug Finder Access
  4. Polyspace Bug Finder Server
  1. Polyspace Code Prover Access
  2. Polyspace Code Prover Server
  3. Polyspace Products for Ada
  4. RoadRunner Scene Builder
  5. ThingSpeak

Information about individual products is available on the MathWorks Products & Services web page .

Please go to the MathWorks website to review the System Requirements prior to purchasing this product:

B. Licensing Information

The software may ONLY be used for teaching, learning and non-commercial research Academic Use purposes.

For Non-Academic or Commercial Use purposes, please contact:

Peter Sheridan
Senior Account Manager
Education Group
Direct: 1-508-647-7176

No. All software obtained and covered under the TAH agreement may NOT be used for University or Hospital administrative or operational purposes.

All University of Utah students, staff and faculty are eligible to install and use the software provided they use the software only for Academic Use purposes.

Asia campus students, staff and faculty are NOT eligible to install or use this software under this license agreement.

There are multiple benefits:
  • besides getting MATLAB, you also can have Simulink and 108 other products at no additional cost.
  • access to the most recent versions of all software and access to old versions of the software, if needed.
  • students have access to the same software as classrooms and labs across campus at a significantly reduced price.
  • access to Concurrent Use licenses with unlimited seats. No more users being denied access because the department ran out of seats on the license. NOTE: Concurrent Use licenses come with unlimited seats.

C. Obtain, Install, & Activate

To obtain and activate the software, follow these instructions:

Single User Licenses for Students & University
  1. If you don't have a MathWorks account, follow these instructions to get started.
  2. Go to the U's MathWorks software portal and use your MathWorks user name and password to log in.
  3. Click on the blue button to download the latest version of the MathWorks Product Installer to download the latest release of MATLAB and Simulink.
  4. Click on the blue button for your operating system to start the installation process.
  5. Once the file has finished downloading, launch the executable from the bottom of your browser to proceed. If you do not see the executable located at the bottom, you can find it in your downloads folder.
  6. Once the MathWorks Product Installer finishes extracting, it will open automatically. The installer will help you install all the products you need.
  7. For information about installing specific MathWorks products, please see MathWorks’ installation guide.

Users who already have existing active licenses have been grandfathered in and already have access to all of the latest and greatest MathWorks software. They don’t need to do anything until next year when they will need to Update their Campus-Wide License at the annual renewal time.

Note: OSL doesn’t provide downloads for the MATLAB products. The software is provided by MathWorks during activation/installation process.

Concurrent Use & Classroom License

Individual users or departments that require concurrent use licenses - designed for shared use workstations with continuous access to the university network, such as computer labs - need to complete this survey, which will be submitted to OSL. OSL will generate a license file based on the information provided, which will be emailed to the responsible party identified in the survey.

The university has five concurrent-use license options:

  • MATLAB TAH Academic Annual License
  • MATLAB TAH Classroom Annual License
  • MATLAB TAH Parallel Server Annual License
  • MATLAB TAH Production Server
  • MATLAB TAH Web App Server

For eligibilty, see the Eligibility Chart above.

First, please read the important process information found here.

Then proceed to the detailed instructions found here

Specifically, you must open the MATLAB installer and on Step 7: Specify Products to Install, where you will see the additional product(s) that are available to install. You must then select the additional product(s) that you want to install and then complete the installation process.

Student license:
  • A Single User Student License is assigned to a specific student and entitles the student to use MATLAB, Simulink, and the additional toolbox products on a single (1) personally owned or leased computer.  
  • A Student License must not be installed and used on university owned or leased computers.

University license:
  • A Single User University License is assigned to a specific employee and entitles the employee to use MATLAB, Simulink, and the additional toolbox products on any university or personally owned or leased computer for University of Utah teaching, learning and non-commercial research Academic Use purposes. An employee may install the Programs on up to four (4) different computers.

Yes, but you are limited to no more than two (2) computers simultaneously.

Follow the instructions in question 1 in this section  (2-C-1) on how to obtain and activate the software.

You need to download a new installer from the MathWorks website, open the installer file, and the license will be renewed for another year.

Instructions are available on the MathWorks website to Activate an Installation Online or Offline.

D. Support

You have several support options:

  • Do a search on the MathWorks Support website
  • Ask a question on the MATLAB Answers website
  • Contact MathWorks Support
  • If you are still unable to find a solution, please email with a description of the problem and, if possible, include a screenshot of the error. Include your order number, product name, product version and operating system.

Please email all questions to and a member of the Office of Software Licensing will reply to you.

E. Transitioning to the Campus-Wide License

No. Non-Academic and Commercial use of MathWorks products is not covered by our TAH license, so if you are using a non-Academic or Commercial use license, please continue to do so and maintain these licenses separately. 

No. You may continue to use and manage you license separately from this agreement. Your software should continue to operate without interruption. However, you will not have access to the upgrades, updates, products or  services that are provided under the TAH license agreement.

Yes, but it is not recommended by both OSL and MathWorks because the older perpetual license may no longer work if you have made any type of upgrades or updates to your computer or computer operating system since the transition to the TAH license.

If you agreed to suspend a license, then all toolboxes not covered by the TAH agreement will become ‘child’ licenses of the TAH. Those toolboxes will be maintained separately from the TAH license.

The license disappears from the License Center and if validation is enabled they will get the 'Deactivation Required' message below the next time they validate, which would be sometime within 30 days.

  • If validation is turned off they will not receive a message and they will continue to use MATLAB if the original license was a perpetual license.
  • With network licenses they will not receive a message but the license will still disappear from the license center.
  • If the deactivate button is pressed MATLAB will be deactivated and they will be unable to open MATLAB until it’s reactivated. If they click cancel they will be able to continue using MATLAB.
  • Once a license is suspended, Software Maintenance Service (SMS) is no longer required while the license is in storage.

To continue using MATLAB until you purchase the TAH license, you MUST select the Cancel button to avoid deactivation. If you select and click on the Deactivate button, MATLAB will be deactivated and you will not able to open MATLAB until it’s reactivated.

deactivation message

3. Additional Resources

  1. Resources for Students (Getting started videos, Tutorials, Examples etc.)
  2. Resources for Educators (MATLAB Courseware, Project based Learning, Autograde MATLAB code etc.)
  3. MathWorks Website
  4. Getting started with MATLAB & Simulink (Interactive Tutorials)
  5. Platform Roadmap for the MATLAB Product Families
  6. Technical Articles & Newsletters


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